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    We are excited to tell everyone we have an adoption day. It is August 11th. It will be on zoom. I won’t post the link here, but if you would like me to send it to you privately we would love for everyone to be a part of our day!!!

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    Almost to the finish line

    I have sat and tried to put the last few months down in writing. It has been hard so bare with me as I try. Feel free to scroll to the bottom for the exciting news. 😉 I know so many are praying and we are so unbelievably grateful.  It has been a heavy few months, and really just now realizing how heavy. It has been filled with A LOT of waiting. We have completed our TPR trials (termination of parental rights).  It was a very serial thing to be a part of. On one hand we were so happy and excited at the possibility of Elle being ours forever, but for that…

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    Moving forward…

    Hi everyone. We just got news that we have been assigned a court date for Elle’s pre trial. It will be March 17th. It feels like we celebrate to wait, but we are rejoicing in the baby steps!! Thank you for continuing to pray for us through the process. As soon as TPR is decided we will be passed onto an adoptions worker. We would appreciate prayers for who we are assigned. We have been so blessed to have the worker that we have, and pray that the next one will be just as wonderful!

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    Exciting News!!!

    Sorry we haven’t updated in while. It has been a time (A LONG time) of waiting. Today was a good day. The worker called and told us there has been movement!!!!!!! Elle’s goal has been officially changed to ADOPTION!!! A little foster care info: The goal for every child that comes into Foster care is reunification. The changing of the goal just means that they will begin the steps toward termination of parental rights (TPR). There is still some road ahead, but we are praying that we will know more about court dates before the end of the year.

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    We have a court date scheduled for September 2nd. It is a review so we don’t expect any big changes, but it will be the first time that John and I are in front of the judge to speak for Elle. We would love prayer over this day and the days leading up to it. We are praying that every thing the worker wants to have in place will be there and completed, and of coarse for God’s will to prevail!

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    Call from a social worker….

    Calls from a social worker are always on some level unnerving. No matter how many you have had or what is going on in the case you are always on some level bracing yourself for the unknown.  The funny thing is we all know we can’t control what is said, or how it unravels. That yucky gut wrenching feeling where you just want to come unhinged is very real. Some call it nerves, some anxiety and fear, but I know in some way we have all had that feeling. Today was one of those phone calls. Really nothing concrete or definitive was said, but just another piece of an unknown…

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    Long over due…..

    Just a warning this ended up being a long one…… It has been awhile since I have updated everyone. I’m sorry for that. 2020 started out a little rocky. I was diagnosed with mono and it hit pretty hard. It was kind of a domino effect through our house after that. Brylan was hit the hardest and we ended up having to isolate him at the end of February so we have gotten pretty good at navigating the “quarantine” days. Everyone is healthy now and so grateful for it. Though it I truly had to rest. That is something that is not very easy for me, but I was forced…

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    Elle and court

    Just wanted to update you all since we had court this week.  Nothing really changed as for Elle’s case. The judge said that she remains with us and there will be another court date at the end of January.   As for Elle herself we have seen huge differences over the past week or so.  The crying has stopped and she has become the most happy and content child. Her sweet personality has come to the surface more and more.  She is so funny and so smart. She is eating better and more of a variety. We are still working on nap time. She is not a fan. I left for…

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    Elle… our new addition

    On Oct. 21 at 11 p.m. our phone rang. I hesitated to answer, but eventually John picked up the phone. On the other end was a placement worker who wanted to know if we would accept a 1 year old baby girl. What is funny about this timing is that earlier that day we were driving back from a weekend away. After some long conversations over the weekend about our hearts, and where we were in processing our sweet Grace no longer being in our home. We talked about all the what ifs of another placement, but we both came to the same understanding. We just needed to be willing.…